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Letters to the Editor published Jan. 30, 2013

POSTED January 29, 2013 4:40 p.m.
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Bring on the Walmart Supercenter for it is already creating economic growth

Editor, Ceres Courier,

It is rather startling the positive impact that the proposed Mitchell Ranch Shopping Center /Walmart Supercenter has already generated with respect to economic growth in Ceres. Along the section of Mitchell Road that is located nearby the site are a number of new businesses.Here is a list of some of the merchants there: Farmer Boys, Instyle Salon, Chevron Station & Car Wash, BEBE Wireless Cell Phone & Repair Center, Omega Taxes, and Realty Land: Commercial and Residential.

These new commercial enterprises exist in anticipation of the Walmart Supercenter drawing a heavy increase in commerce. In the meantime we, as a city, benefit from the added revenue to municipal coffers and much needed jobs. New business revitalizes prosperity, while serving as the lifeblood of local economic security. In Florence Cardenas' letter a few weeks ago, there was no call for her to excoriate former Ceres City Councilman Guillermo Ochoa's support of Walmart Supercenter. As a political activist (and would-be economist), she seems to operate under a misplaced assumption that economic inactivity spurs a prosperous environment.

This brings to mind Cardenas' claim that the relocation of Walmart would be "at the expense of the environment and other retailers." Her logic is inconsistent with the fact that the aforementioned new businesses that are located in close proximity to Walmart's property (on the corner of Mitchell and Service) are resting on land that is environmentally sound. As for the Citizens of Ceres that is cited in Cardenas' letter, one is left to wonder if it is funded locally or by outside interests. Her claim is patently false, like everything else regarding the issue. Mr. Ochoa spoke to Sheri Jacobson in 2011, one of the group's active members at the time. Please be advised, Ms. Cardenas, that I support the former councilman in having every confidence that the Walmart Supercenter will be built, and it will enhance the economic well-being of Ceres in terms of quality goods and services available locally; the job opportunities of our families; and critical revenue needed to support Ceres as well as to offset city service fees.

Mr. Ochoa served on the City Council from December 2005 to December 2011. As a fiscal conservative and Latino business owner, his many contributions have helped to make Ceres a place that we can each take greater pride in. Let's hope that local politics will not delay the Walmart Supercenter for much longer -- and not belay the possibility of other dedicated, fiscally conservative ethnic minorities someday becoming councilmembers here.

Narinder Mann,


* * * * * *

Not surprised at Obama's position on gun control

Editor, Ceres Courier,

After watching the announcement by the president regarding the proposed new firearm regulations, I must say that I didn't hear any shocking proposals -- things we did not expect.

The one glaring proposal was for background checks for all firearm purchases. By throwing a blanket on "all" firearm purchases, he will have included all of the citizens who presently are in possession of a concealed weapons permit. These people have been under the closest investigation that can be placed on a civilian, and are automatically re-checked every two years upon receipt of the issuing agency of the applicants request for a new concealed weapons permit.

This is the repetitive paperwork that has the system so backlogged that the background checks on those who might have something to reveal prior to purchasing a firearm, new or used, can't be completed.

Scott A. Johnson,


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Patrols through lot would be nice

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I live in a senior complex here in Ceres. Lately there has been stealing, robberies and breaking glass in car windows in our parking lot.

We would really appreciate a patrol car to cruise our neighborhood several times a week day and night so we feel more safe and secure.

Our storage shed was broken into recently as well.

We just feel we need more protection in our building and parking lot day and night.

We would really feel better if this situation was given some thought. Thank you.

Name Withheld,


* * * * * *

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