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Meth found on bicyclist
• Arrest made on Richard Way
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A nighttime traffic stop of a man riding a bicycle led to his Wednesday, July 25 arrest for possession of methamphetamine.

At 11:59 p.m. Officer Kiashira Ruiz was patrolling the 1900 block of Richard Way when she saw a flashlight flickering on the road that turned out to be bicyclist Matthew Ratliff, 36, of Modesto.  Since his bike was missing the required reflectors or other lights, Officer Ruiz made a traffic stop at which time Ratliff climbed off and turned to hide as his hands fumbled with several items. Officer Ruiz told Ratliff to place the items on the ground. He placed all items in his right hand on the ground but kept an item clinched in his left hand. As Officer Ruiz grabbed his arms Ratliff tossed a large white object over a nearby fence. She arrested him and placed him in her patrol car before recovering the item – a white bag filled with a meth pipe and a separate plastic baggie containing an ounce of suspected crystal methamphetamine.

Ratliff admitted owning the drugs and pipe. A records check revealed Ratliff was on parole so his parole officer authorized a hold. Ratliff was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and parole violation.