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Street racing has costly consequences for two Ceres men
impounded Ceres car
Ceres Police impounded this a silver-colored Honda Civic Monday evening when the officer observed its driver racing down Whitmore with another vehicle (not pictured). - photo by Courtesy of Ceres Police Dept.

Two young Ceres men are learning a hard lesson about the consequences of street racing. They will not only answer to charges in court but their cars have been impounded for a month and getting them back will be costly.

Ceres Police Officer Jon Blount was traveling westbound on Whitmore Avenue at 9:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 6 when he noticed a black-colored Infiniti G35 and a silver-colored Honda Civic speeding from the opposite direction. The vehicles shot past him at high rates of speeds. As the vehicles passed him, Officer Blount heard the loud engines as if vehicles were continuing to gain speed. He quickly did a U-turn to chase after and stop both vehicles at Railroad and Kinser. Arrested and cited out for speed contest were Marcelo Contreras, 19, and Christopher Valerio, 20, both of Ceres.

Both vehicles were impounded for 30 days. According to Ceres Police Department Traffic Officer Freddy Ortiz, each man will have to pay $170 for a vehicle release form issued by Ceres Police and $2,090 in impound yard storage fees, for a total of $2,260 per owner.