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Woman arrested for stealing, lying about name
Erica Lea
Erica Lea, 25, of Modesto

A 25-year-old Modesto woman was arrested Friday, Dec. 27 after she was caught stealing from Cost Less Foods and then giving a fake name to officers arresting her.

Loss prevention personnel at the store caught Erica Lea, 25, of Modesto, with over $75 in merchandise she failed to pay for outside of the store. They called police at 1:53 p.m. Lea identified herself to store employees and Officer Jeremy Caron as another person. When confronted about discrepancies in her physical description on the purported driver’s license record, Lea continued to insist she was somebody else.

Lea was arrested for theft. While Officer Caron transported Lea to jail, he gave her one last chance to give her identity but she maintained that she was the other person. 

During the booking process, Lea’s fingerprints revealed her identity. She stated that she gave a false name because she believed she had a warrant but didn’t. She instead earned a felony charge of providing false information to make another liable for her efforts.