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Former sex offender from Ceres denied release by local judge
• Timothy Rogers Weathers denied release
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Former Ceres resident Timothy Roger Weathers, 59, was denied conditional release following a Dec. 22 hearing held before Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge Carrie Stephens. 

In 1986, Weathers was convicted in San Diego County of molesting a child and sentenced to probation. Two years later, in 1988 and while still on probation, Weathers was convicted of molesting two different boys in Stanislaus County. In that case, he was sentenced to serve 18 years in state prison in 1991.

While Weathers was in prison, the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office filed a petition to have him civilly committed for treatment at the Department of State Hospitals as a sexually violent predator. The petition was granted in 2000 and Weathers was committed to DSH-Atascadero. During his treatment in Atascadero, Weathers admitted looking at child pornography and at literature published by the North American Man Boy Love Association NAMBLA, a group which advocates for repealing or lessening laws criminalizing consensual sex between minors and adults.

In 2007, Weathers was transferred to the state hospital in Coalinga where during his treatment, he told doctors that he had actually molested between 20 to 45 boys.

In recent years, Weathers has actively participated in the DSH Sexual Offender Treatment Program and has avoided major rules violations.

Weathers filed a Petition for Conditional Release into the community under Welfare and Institutions Code §6608, stating that he was no longer a danger to the public. Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge Linda McFadden ordered the Coalinga facility and the SVP Conditional Release Program to provide a recommendation regarding his request. A report gave the opinion that although Weathers continued to participate in the Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP), he had not completed it and opined that he could not be safely and adequately managed and treated in the community.

At a court hearing held in December before Judge Carrie Stephens, Deputy District Attorney Kirk Brennan argued against Weathers’ release, noting that a state doctor opined that Weathers is still a danger to the community and that he had not yet completed the Sexual Offender Treatment Program.

After hearing the evidence, Judge Carrie Stephens denied the petition. Weathers currently remains under treatment by DSH.

Under the Sexually Violent Predator Law, Weathers is allowed to file a Petition for Conditional Release every year of his civil commitment.