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Letters to the Editor
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Glad to be American but not a fan of President Bush

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I often enjoy your editorials because of your conviction and your ability to clearly and succinctly state your position on controversial issues. And although I sometimes have opposing viewpoints, that's to be expected.

However, I was rather disappointed with your editorial dated October 31, 2007 ("How about feeling grateful?"). You challenge the degree of general discontent that Americans express, and more specifically, the 69 percent who are unhappy with the performance of our president, by suggesting that we, as a nation, are unappreciative. You're probably right to the extent that it would behoove each of us to take stock of our blessings each day. However, the message from the Newsweek poll suggests a more specific concern. Over two-thirds of our country feels that our president is weakening, rather than strengthening our country. And as citizens of this republic, they feel compelled to express their collective frustration. Please consider this:

Although we live in a great country, and we have a relatively high standard of living, note that, during Mr. Bush's tenure, there is an expanding gap between the rich and the poor, we are less secure because of Bush's blundering in the Mideast, and our children and grandchildren will inherit the staggering national debt and environmental desecration that is His legacy. By almost any measure, Bush has earned his 30 percent approval rating, and it frightens me to think what he might do next. I'm glad to be an American; there's no place I'd rather live. But you can include me in the large category of people who are discontent with the destruction that is taking place within our great country.

Lastly, how distasteful of the Courier to blaspheme Al Gore (cartoon, same edition), suggesting that his global warming concerns are comparable to a pile of manure. History will judge who rests on the bottom of the dung heap, and it won't be Al.

Peter Sugia,