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Darrah Street children doing fine thanks to many

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The Ceres Police Department is pleased to report the seven children taken into protective custody on Feb. 2 from an apartment on Darrah Street are doing fabulous.

On Monday, Feb. 8, the department learned it was the seven-year-old's birthday. Police staff bought the girl a pink birthday cake with crackling candles and then joined with members of the Ceres Partnership to visit her foster home and sing "Happy Birthday." It was a breath of fresh air to see the children smile and laugh as they tried to blow out the candles. The oldest little girl was in love with the gift provided by a concerned 12-year-old girl who brought it in with the express wish that it be given to this 8-year-old. Their smiles and laughter radiated warmth as they received their gifts from the community.

All of the donations were delivered on Tuesday Feb. 9. We are happy to share the children will be well taken care of. They will have plenty of clothes, toys, blankets and stuffed animals to keep them cozy. The cash donations were spent at the Ceres Walmart where necessary daily items such as toiletries, socks, shoes, diapers and clothing were purchased.

We would like to acknowledge Sgt. Jose Berber for his active involvement in organizing the donations and the visits to the children. We also extend a special thanks to the Ceres Partnership for their support and to the Ceres Walmart for assisting in making these purchases possible. Above all, we especially thank you all for your overwhelming generosity. Everyone who donated a gift and/or money made a big difference in these children's lives.

Further donations received will be given to the Stanislaus County CPS Office to be distributed to needy children. On behalf of the Ceres Chaplains program and I, we thank you all for your generosity.

Brent Smith,
Chief of Police

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