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Determined for crosswalk

Editor, Ceres Courier,
As a student of Ceres High School, I highly support the installation of a crosswalk on Fifth Street. These efforts are being put forward by Gary Condit, a Ceres High junior and one of my closest friends.
Earlier this year, Gary began a petition to install proper crosswalks on Fifth Street after a student riding his bike was nearly hit by a car when attempting to cross the street. Gary has committed to bringing this to the attention of the City Council by promoting his petition and proposing the issue at a council meeting in May, of which I, along with many other students and teachers, attended. I remember him circling the classroom, telling students of his petition. Even at lunch when any other student would hang with friends, I'd watch as he went to every table to explain his efforts and how it would benefit the whole community, successfully gaining more signatures because of it.

Gary was able to convince the city to install pedestrian crosswalk lights. This is not enough, though. Gary, along with his many supporters, continues to prompt the City Council to install an actual crosswalk in which students, teachers, and citizens may use to safely cross Fifth Street at any hour of the day. The City Council should follow Gary's determination and use this opportunity to show their seriousness towards keeping the community safe. Until then, the safety of the students and citizens of Ceres will continue to be at risk.

Gaby Carrasco,

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