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Mello-Roos was a tax to get around Proposition 13
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Your attacks on Councilman Condit over the last several months all seem very personal, Mr. Benziger. Taxpayers should all applaud Councilman Condit’s vote against increasing the Mello-Roos tax. Your column left out the actual facts about the tax passed by our city council and supported by you.

This tax was a response that Governor Jerry Brown and the Democrats passed to get around Prop 13. City bureaucrats and the status quo have become reliant on this avenue to our pockets and purses. Ceres actually has a councilman watching out for the taxpayers and standing up for people that actually live here. Obviously, your bias against the Condits outweighs you being a true conservative.

Shawna Moore,



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