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Socialism promoters are drunk with power
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Socialism seems to be gathering admiration among younger Americans. The appeal of receiving a wide range entitlements from your “rich” Uncle Sam can seem to make every day into your birthday and a visit from Santa Claus. The Democrat Presidential candidates promoting such ideas want you to know everything you may be entitled to if they make it to office.

Here are some examples of the bait they use. Medicare for all. This is recommended by Bernie Sanders who spent his honeymoon in Moscow and endorsed by 16 other Senators, including Kamala Harris, to replace private insurance. “The New Green Deal” making the U.S. carbon neutral in 10 years. It’s backed by 40 House Democrats and Presidential candidates. 

As recommended by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez it puts a Soviet five-year plan to shame considering we can only generate 11 percent of U.S. energy sources by non-carbon methods today. Guaranteed government jobs for all is next on the list. This was born out of the Obama think tank The Center for American Progress to counter the effects of reduced bargaining power, technical change and globalization. It would provide anyone job training and education with a job guarantee and to a living wage as defined by the program. It is supported by presidential candidate. Kristen Gillibrand. Then there is Elizabeth Warren with her new system of corporate control. She wants businesses with more than $1 billion in annual revenue to be part of a new federal charter making 40% of the board of directors elected by employees and obligated to consider “benefits” beyond the return of owners. Its a form of nationalization creating influence over public and private business decisions and assets. To help with all this expect vastly higher taxes on high incomes, payroll taxes, death taxes, “wealth” taxes and other forms all supported by the Democratic intelligentsia.

These all describe government confiscation of personal assets for redistribution of various types. It is deception to say only the wealthy will pay for these plans. They all appear to benefit the majority until the money runs out and the plans digress into chaos. Reforms and socialist ideas are not new to the world. There is a lot of evidence from past history how they fail. Well meaning reformers give birth to countries run by dictators. 

To young Americans these must seem like new approaches that should be tried regardless of the past experiences in other countries. To the younger generation I say just look a Venezuela today. Rich with oil and had one of the highest incomes in South America in the past, it is now one of those socialist nations with a dictator. It’s people are so impoverished by its policies and plundering that the average Venezuelan lost 20 pounds last year while it’s dictator Nicolas Maduro schemes to steal the countries gold reserves held by the Bank of England and plunder Venezuela’s oil to support his personal coffer. He has taken billions of dollars in loans from China and Russia that may the obligate the future of the Venezuelan people. Venezuela is struggling under hyperinflation now approaching 2 million percent annually evaporating the countries wealth. If corruption empowers, then absolute corruption empowers absolutely. A broad economic collapse has fueled an exodus of some three million people since 2015. Maduro has blocked the 6 lane highway to Columbia with tankers and shipping containers ahead of the expected arrival of humanitarian aid and retained control over the people by his military up to now. The people are now useless pawns to the dictator. Consider what their future looks like.

Socialism is not really about stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Its end game is the exact opposite, stealing from the poor to give to the dictators and his pals. That is how its promoters get drunk with power, eventually paying the bill with the anguish of the people. Last I checked Christmas and my birthday each only come once a year and not every day. If there are any Democrats who oppose any or all of this direction, I hope you will take action in your party.

 Paul Schmitt

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