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Student suggests eminent domain to expand CHS

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Ceres High School is running out of space. As a student of Ceres High School who is involved with the management and storage of tools and materials with MPGT, I have learned that our school does not have the storage that is needed for the best possible education for students in and out of MPGT.

This problem does not just affect education but sports as well, limiting the development of students’ athletic pursuit. In MPGT we have to get rid of old – but perfectly usable – equipment every year because new equipment doesn’t have a place to be stored. As well as athletic equipment, our freshman football team this year did not have a locker room, a place when the team is supposed to group together to be stronger and closer together.

Students need bigger and new classrooms for more AP’s and electives, making the school more attractive to parents who want their kids to go to a school where students are shown that they are the most important thing to the school.

If students are offered more classes and sports, that would make the school more attractive to parents wanting their kids to have better education. And every school needs parking for students and parents to be able to pick up their children as well as more parking would allow our school to host more athletic events where more schools and more parents can show up. This not only would allow our school to make some money from sports but allow for many more public events hosted by the local people.

My proposal is that Ceres High expands past its borders reaching from the student parking lot all the way to the start of Fifth Street from E. Whitmore Avenue. That way on new school grounds a new gym facility can be created to match Central Valley’s own, a new and better weight room for the students and teachers physical health and most importantly storage for the many programs in our school who don’t have enough room.

In our country the government is allowed to turn any privately owned land into public land, via eminent domain. I know that getting something like this would take many years but if it is the intention of the district to have schools be the best for student education and wellbeing the district would fight for this.

David Rodriguez Ochoa,


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