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The (TOT) is obscene & morally wrong!

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Measure E, the TOT/Hotel tax is wrong! It is just plain wrong! It is the epitome of "Taxation without representation," as those having it imposed upon them have no vote in the matter.

They are already "paying for their stay." They are already paying taxes that cover any public services they may incur - that's right - they are paying local sales taxes at the motel and on any other purchases they make in town. They are also paying property taxes with their room charge (How else do you think the motel owners get money to pay property taxes?).

I don't care who endorses this obscene tax. I don't care how commonplace this unjust tax has become. I don't care if Orange County charges an outrageous 10 percent. This tax is wrong, even at 1 percent.

This tax is morally wrong. Measure E deserves a "no" vote, and those supporting it don't deserve your vote either.

Sam Williams,

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