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Transgender edict provides opportunities for grandson

Editor, Ceres Courier,

My first response to Obama trying to force gender choice on our nation's schools made me think it's just one more way that he promised to change America.

After a little thought it accrued to me this might be a financial boon to my family.

I have a grandson that's an above average athlete but the direction our universities are moving he will have no chance to receive athletic scholarships from the top schools. With Obama's gender choice we will push our grandson to only go out for women's sports. With his/her abilities he should rank in the top echelons of his/her sport so that the universities will not be able to not offer him/her scholarships.

And if they do he/she will have him/her self a nice discrimination case and end up with enough so he/her can graduate with no student loans hanging over him/her. I just hope by the time the government is done with him/her he/she knows who he/she really is.

Terry Davis

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