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Dolphins wrap up year with banquet
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The Ceres Dolphins recreational youth swim club held its end-of-year award banquet on Thursday at Smyrna Park.

The 150 in attendance enjoyed a smorgasbord of goodies during the three-hour celebration, which got underway at 6 p.m.

"It's a good thing it was after the season because there was a lot of food," said Tracy Bull, head coach. "People brought pizza, pasta, lasagna, potato salad and cake. There was a little bit of everything."

Every swimmer received a participation trophy.

Approximately 61 Dolphins earned special recognition.

"For us as an organization to be able to fund that every year is a blessing for those kids," Bull said.

The following girls earned high-point honors in their age divisions: Danielle Renderos (6&under), Belle-Rubie Martinez (6&under), Luz Cervantes (6&under), Yuneun Duarte (7-8), Marissa Morado (7-8), Celina Renderos (7-8), Victoria Morado (9-10), Cassie Kegle (9-10), Heather Dolzadelli (9-10), Haley Fisicaro (11-12), Savanna Alvear (11-12), Bianca Alaniz (11-12), Cierra Alvear (13-14), Montana Bull (13-14), Cassandra Guevara (13-14), Jessalyn Johnson (15-16), Katie Young (15-16), Kacey Johnson (15-16), Jaquelyn Lenz (17-18), Elizabeth Sanders (17-18) and Jaymie Lenz (17-18).

The following boys earned high-point honors in their age divisions: Jordan Eldridge (6&under), David Arzate (6&under), Kimo Guevara (7-8), David Johnson (7-8), Blane Abeyta (7-8), Chad Nunes (9-10), Donavon Hawn (9-10), Emmanuel Cervantes (9-10), Zachary Jones (11-12), Damien Underwood (11-12), Stefan Perry (11-12), Victor Cruz (13-14), Mayson Meares (13-14), Christian Moore (13-14), Shane Nunes (15-16), Ryan Calou (15-16), Aaron Valadez (15-16), Miguel Castillo (17-18), Chas Nelson (17-18) and Patrick Young (17-18).

"The team was better because they were on it," Bull said, referring to Ceres' 41 high-point recipients.

Most Improved award winners are: Luz Cervantes (6&under), Jordan Eldridge (6&under), David Arzate (6&under), Sophia Laffoon (7-8), Eva Olivas (7-8), Caleb Bishop (7-8), Emmanuel Cisneros (7-8), Yvonne Downs (9-10), Cheyenne Brazil (9-10), Ben Ortiz (9-10), Justin Moore (9-10), Savannah Keilman (11-12), Justine Meares (11-12), Dylan Hines (11-12), Sam Gaede (11-12), Megan Valenzuela (13-14), Mikaela Harris (13-14), Hank Fisk (13-14), Sergio Duarte (13-14), Hayley Marles (15-16), Laura Goblirsch (15-16), Aaron Cunningham (15-16) and Priscilla Torres (17-18).

Ceres had a successful summer despite finishing at the bottom of the Mid Valley Swim League standings.

The majority of its members set personal records during the course of the season.

"The credit has to be spread around to the coaches, athletes and parents," Bull said.

The Dolphins had three assistant coaches: Scott Nunes, Amy Kline and Jaquelyn Lenz.

Ceres will enter the 2008 season with high aspirations. "We have a large group of athletes that want to continue to train through October so they can even do better next year," Bull said. "That makes me feel pretty proud of my athletes