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Arsonists torch empty house
City officials say Friday's arson fire at a house at 2016 Sequoia Street is a prime example of why abandoned homes should be boarded up for security reasons.

Flames were licking the inside the home when firefighters arrived at approximately 9:03 a.m. Ceres firefighters made quick work of dousing the blaze in the home, which was for sale.

Fire Chief Bryan Nicholes said the home was partially boarded up at the front door and back door but was accessible through another door and windows.

Neighbors saw two juveniles fleeing the area. They were apprehended and were being questioned about why they set the fire.

Code Enforcement Officer Paula Redfern said she planned to use the fire as an example to show others what can happen when a vacant house is allowed to remain vulnerable to break-ins.

The house sustained major damage in the arson fire.