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Burlingame yields Ceres' new public works chief
Phil Scott, who has 21 years experience with city utilities, has been hired as the new public works director for the city of Ceres.

The position is a bit different than the one held by Joe Hollstein, who retired earlier this year. City Manager Brad Kilger eliminated city engineering from the public works department and placed it under the Planning and Community Development Department as part of his restructuring of City Hall.

Scott will be in charge of sewer and water facilities, streets, parks, fleet services and facilities.

"I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead and appreciate the opportunity to lead the Public Works Department for Ceres," said Scott, whose first day on the job was Monday.

Scott recently served as the superintendent of public works for the city of Burlingame during the past eight years. He also worked for the city of Mountain View and the Union Sanitary District in Fremont.

Scott is a resident of Tracy.

"He has particular expertise in water distribution systems, sewer collection systems, streets and sidewalks, storm systems and building maintenance," said Kilger, who introduced him to the City Council on Monday.

Scott has a bachelor of science degree in business administration.

"I am very confident that he's going to bring not only a wealth of technical knowledge but ... some strong management skills," said Kilger.

Kilger said the change to the position was "one of the last pieces of reorganization that I have been working on for the last year with the council's concurrence." Kilger said by putting maintenance of all buildings and parks under Scott's care, "we're looking for efficiences."

Scott's hiring comes on the heels of the retirement of Hollstein and the resignation of Steve Wilson as the director of the former Municipal Utilities Division.

The city is still recruiting to fill the city engineer, which was held by Hollstein. Hollstein has agreed to stay on with the city on a part-time basis to complete the planning of the Whitmore and Service/ Mitchell interchange projects. Hollstein also is expected to keep his hand in the water modeling process being performed to prepare for Ceres' continued expansion.

City Manager Brad Kilger said there is a high demand for engineers since many of them are attracted by the private sector.

Hollstein was hired in 1978 by City Manager Jim Marshall. Some big projects he has worked on include the construction of the pipeline connection between Ceres and Turlock wastewater treatment plants, sewer plant expansions, construction of the city's aboveground water reservoirs, and widening of Hatch, Mitchell and Whitmore.

to four lanes. He also oversaw implementation of the water grid program to transport water to the community, as well as creation of municipal water sources.