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Carroll Fowler reaches API index target -- again
School has raised score annually since 1999
Principal Bruce Clifton shaved his head and painted his head and hair blue yesterday to take on the comic character of Megamind as a way to celebrate Carroll Fowler Elementary Schools achievement of a 830 score on the state Academic Performance Index (API). The school has improved its API each year since 1999, one of the few schools to do so.

Since 1999, Carroll Fowler Elementary School students have managed to annually improve their annual state Academic Performance Index (API) scores. In fact, the Ceres school is one of 24 of 2,205 elementary schools to make that boast.
But during a special schoolwide assembly held Tuesday, Principal Bruce Clifton had his head shaved bald and his head painted blue to resemble Megamind from the 2010 movie as a reward to students for hitting the school target of 830. Clifton rode his unicycle onto the playground and strutted to popular tunes as the kids rollicked with laughter.

The principal stressed that the goal was reached with a “mega-mind” mindset “that means when things get tough we don’t quit, we try harder.”

Ceres Unified School District Supt. Scott Siegel said the school is among the top one percent of all California schools in terms of consistently achieving API scores. He said that once a school goes above 800 that the state’s goal is reached but he said “that’s easy to stay over 800.” He said growing above the 800 score is a more difficult task to achieve each successive year.

The highest state API score is 1000, he said.

Clifton said acting out his promise to become “bald, blue and brave” was not about him but about recognizing the hard work of students, teachers, staff and parents.