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Census details that poverty in Ceres has risen
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The 2010 U.S. Census effort has confirmed that the poverty level of the Ceres area has increased in the past decade.

Ceres has approximately 16.7 percent of its residents living below the poverty line. That's more than the statewide average of 13.2 percent. Things were slightly worse in Hughson where 19.6 percent have incomes in the poverty range.

Communities in the area that fare better when sizing up incomes are Modesto (15.5 percent impoverished), Newman (9.9 percent), Oakdale (8.2 percent), Patterson (10.3 percent), and Turlock (12.1 percent).

The city with highest poverty rate in Stanislaus County was Waterford a 20.9 percent. However, that's deceiving since some regions of South Modesto far exceed Waterford's percentage of poor. The Shackelford area along Crowslanding Road bounded by Highway 99, Hatch Road and the Tuolumne River, has an estimated 31.1 percent poverty as compared to 27.4 percent in 2000.

An estimated 37.6 percent of households in Ceres living in the triangle bounded by Highway 99 to the west. Hatch Road to the north, Central Avenue on the east and Whitmore Avenue on the south are in poverty.

The most affluent sections of Ceres are the Eastgate development where only 6.3 percent are at or below the poverty line; and north of Hatch Road between Mitchell Road and Central Avenue where only 6.2 percent are poor.

The Department of Health and Human Services has determined that a family of four making $22,050 per year or less is in poverty. A family of five making $25,790 or less annually is impoverished. A three-member household making $18,310 per year qualifies as impoverished while a two-person household must make more than $14,570 to not be considered in poverty.