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Ceres man trapped head first in storm drain
A Ceres man who had been previously drinking alcoholic beverages ended up stuck head-first in a manhole after he accidentally dropped his wallet and keys in it and attempted to retrieve it only to get stuck.

A bystander passing through the 2200 block of Hale Aloha Way early Thursday morning saw legs kicking out of an open manhole. At 2:19 a.m. police received a 911 call about the stuck man, who was still kicking when officers arrived. Jared Medeiros, 21, of Ceres, told officers he had dropped his belongings in the manhole and tried to retrieve them but became stuck when he put his torso down into it. Medeiros yelled for help for about 40 minutes before anyone heard him and noticed.

Officers attempted to pull Medeiros out but he was stuck at the waist. Four Ceres firefighters arrived on scene and were able to pull him out to safety within 13 minutes of the call.

Medeiros was found to be slightly intoxicated but not impaired, according to the officers on scene. Medeiros suffered only minor scrapes and contusions and was taken to his home.