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Council approves garbage rate hike
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Because Stanislaus County is imposing an increase in the tipping fee from $30 to $33 at the Fink Road Landfill, Ceres officials have approved an increase in garbage collection rates.

The Ceres City Council held a hearing on Monday and heard from nobody in protest.

The proposed rate increase will affect commercial, residential and industrial garbage rates.

The city agreed to allow Bertolotti Ceres Disposal to pass through the costs to Ceres rate payers, effective August 1.

Rates increase as follows:

• 90-gallon wastewheeler - from $19.15 to $19.32.

• 60-gallon wastewheeler, from $15.10 to $15.22.

• 60-gallon mobile home wastewheelers from $11.70 to $11.82.

• An increase of 28 cents per yard of each yard of waste picked up from a garbage bin. For example, a one-yard bin collected once per week will increase from $40.27 to $40.55.