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• DUI ARREST MADE: CERES - A 53-year-old Modesto driver was arrested after he got involved in a traffic collision on Thursday evening, Sept. 2, at Pismo Place and Ocean Way in Ceres.

Francisco Valenzuela attempted to run away from the 9:42 p.m. crash but was captured in the 2100 block of Hatch Road by Officer Coey Henson. Valenzuela was booked for hit and run and driving under the influence. Police said Valenzuela had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .111 percent.

• STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERED: CERES - Officer Greg Yotsuya stopped in at the 7-Eleven early Tuesday morning, Sept. 7, and noticed a suspicious vehicle in the store's parking lot occupied by two females. When Yotsuya ran the license plate he learned that the car had been stolen from an address in Stockton.

Driver Nikkol Cook, 25, of Tracy, fled on foot in the 12:19 a.m. incident but the second occupant, Marjarie Madigan, 24, of Sacramento, was arrested and booked on possession of stolen property.

At 5:30 a.m. 911 dispatchers were notified by someone at AM/PM on Mitchell Road saying Cook showed up covered in dirt. Officers could not locate her by the time they arrived. An arrest warrant has been issued for her.

• TWO ARRESTED IN STOLEN SUBARU: CERES - Two Ceres men were arrested early Labor Day after they were found in a stolen car at Moffet Road and Caswell Avenue.

Officer Jon Vera spotted a stolen white 1998 Subaru at 3:37 a.m. and took two occupants out at gunpoint. Darren Devon Jett, 20, and Jeffrey Lee Richmond, 32, both of Ceres, were arrested and charged for possession of stolen property.

Richmond, an active parolee, was found to possess methamphetamine.