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• TEEN TRIES RUNNING OVER CHP OFFICER: HUGHSON - A juvenile faces attempted murder of an officer charges and two counts of vehicle theft after he tried to run over a California Highway Patrol officer on a canal bank between Ceres and Hughson Sunday morning.

At 6:54 a.m. CHP Officer Keller saw a Honda being driven recklessly on Mitchell Road near Rhode Road and tried to pull over the driver, who fled instead. The suspect drove down a canal bank near Pioneer Road where he ditched the car at 5001 Pioneer Road and stole a Dodge pickup. Keller got out of his patrol car and approached the stolen Dodge when the suspect aimed the pickup straight for him. Keller jumped out of the way but the suspect rammed into the CHP cruiser. The teen tried to run away on foot but was arrested.

He faces charges of attempted murder, two counts of auto theft, felony evading an officer and resisting arrest.

• FRIEND SPOTS STOLEN VEHICLE: CERES - Darren Barton was in the area of Smyrna Park Thursday, June 3, when he saw his friend's gold 2001 Honda CRV which had been stolen.

Barton called police at 9:11 p.m. and when Officer Chris Melton arrived he saw Matthew Toliver, 19, getting out.

Toliver was arrested without incident and charged with auto theft.

• MAN CRASHES CAR, ARRESTED FOR DUI: CERES - A Riverbank driver was arrested for drunk driving early Sunday morning after he lost control of his car on Hatch Road and sheared off a light pole at its base and ended up in the Ceres Main Canal.

At 1:45 a.m. police were called to Hatch Road and Eastgate Boulevard where a white 1997 Dodge four-door car was in the canal. Officer Jeremy Lewis observed that Rosendo Calderon, 43, of Riverbank, was westbound on Hatch Road when he attempted to turn onto Eastgate Boulevard but missed. Calderon was in his sinking car and was uncooperative and refusing to get out for 15 minutes as the car continued to sink. Calderon, who had minor injuries to the bottom of his feet, eventually gave in.

He was arrested and booked on charges of DUI and driving on a suspended license.

• SCHOOL BURGLARS CAUGHT: CERES - Police arrested two men who were in the hallway with goods stolen from Carroll Fowler Elementary School, 2611 Garrison Ave., early Monday morning.

An alarm sent police to the campus at 4:39 a.m. June 7. As they approached the officer they could see two males crouched down in the hallway. Officer Greg Yotsuya ordered the two to stay on the ground but Patrick Overcash, 26, of Ceres, began to run. He was tackled by Sgt. Trenton Johnson. Yotsuya tackled Justin Devincenzi, 21, before he had a chance to run.

The pair were found with three desktop computers and a portable radio next to a large bag the suspects brought to the scene. Overcash also had a set of keys and a label maker in his pocket.

Both Devincenzi and Overcash were booked on charges of commercial burglary and probation violation.

• CYLINDER DESTROYED AT LIBRARY: CERES - A citizen brought a 12-inch long white cylinder which he thought could be a pipe bomb to Ceres Police headquarters on Third Street Sunday morning. It was later destroyed by the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Bomb Squad.

The device was brought to the station at 946 a.m. by Gerald Baldwin, 43, of Modesto, believing it was a pipe bomb. He found the item at a rental home in Modesto. Officer Coey Henson told Baldwin to set it down on the grass in front of the police station.

The device was destroyed in the dumpster of the nearby library. Lt. Brent Smith said the device contained marijuana.

He advised citizens to never transport such a device, saying an actual bomb could go off while being moved a vehicle. Authorities say it's safer to leave suspicious devices without touching them, he said.