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HIT-AND-RUN DRIVER ARRESTED: CERES - A Ceres man was arrested Wednesday evening after he allegedly ran into the back of a car at Morgan Road and Whitmore Avenue and then fled the scene.

The crash occurred at 7:15 p.m. when the driver of a 1993 Ford Thunderbird hit the back of a 2002 Ford Explorer as it was attempting to make a left turn to eastbound Whitmore from southbound Morgan Road. The suspect driver fled on foot.

Sgt. Trenton Johnson traced the registration on the car to Leonel Monjardine, 48, of Ceres,who lives nearby. Johnson found Monjardine attempting to clean up. He was taken to the scene and was identified as the hit-and-run driver. Monjardine was arrested and booked on charges of DUI, hit-and-run, being an unlicensed driver and for two warrants for DUI arrests.

The occupants of the other car complained of minor pain from minor injuries.

BIRTHDAY TRIP TO JAIL: CERES - A man who was celebrating his 21st birthday ended up in jail Wednesday evening after he allegedly drove drunk and then recklessly used his car to impress a clerk at a nearby store.

At approximately 11:26 p.m. Officer Brian Ferrera was in the parking lot at Richland and Hatch when he saw Ranjit Samra, 21, sitting in his car at a red light. All of a sudden he accelerated through the intersection against a red light and slid his car towards the AM/PM at the corner "showing off for an employee," said Deputy Chief Mike Borges.

Samra was arrested for driving under the influence, running a red light and driving on a suspended license.

VANDAL CAUGHT IN THE ACT: CERES - An alert Ceres officer Dan Fairchilds was in his patrol car at a traffic light on Wednesday night when he saw a vehicle stop atop of the Hatch Road overpass and a male got out to do something and quickly return to the car.

At 11:26 p.m. the officer pulled the car over and smelled marijuana wafting from the inside of the car. Rear-seat passenger Eduardo Lopez, 22, of Ceres, was pulled out of the car after the officer saw less than an ounce of pot in the backseat where he had been seated. Lopez was also arrested for possession of vandalism tools as a large permanent marker was found on him.

Deputy Chief Mike Borges said it was apparent that the stop on the overpass was to allow Lopez to scrawl graffiti on a traffic sign.

PROSTITUTION ARREST: CERES - A transient woman was arrested and charged with prostitution Thursday evening.

Sgt. Chris Perry was on patrol at 9:26 p.m. when he spotted a vehicle parked in an industrial area in the 4400 block of United Drive. Deputy Chief Mike Borges said the woman was "caught in the act" but noted that the man she was with was not "charged due to his cooperation."

Donna Whitmill, 49, was charged with prostitution.

TEENS ARRESTED AFTER CURFEW: CERES - Sgt. Chris Perry stopped two juveniles for curfew violations at 11:32 p.m. Thursday and found them with tagging markers and cigarettes. That netted the 15- and 16-year-olds charges of possession of vandalism tools, violating curfews and for being minors in possession of tobacco products.

Perry was on patrol because of a call about runaways from a juvenile care home.

CAR THIEF CHASES TO HUGHSON: CERES - A 15-year-old Modesto boy led Ceres on a six-mile high speed pursuit that went from Ceres to Hughson in seven minutes early Friday morning.

On Thursday evening officer Dan Fairchilds took a report on a stolen 1995 Honda in the 1700 block of Richland Avenue. About 30 minutes later he spotted the stolen car as he was traveling eastbound on Hatch Road at Central Avenue. The driver fled when the officer attempted the midnight pull-over, accelerating up to 100 mph. The pursuit ended in Hughson when the driver voluntarily stopped the car at the Hughson Ace Hardware store. He was arrested and booked on charges of auto theft, possession of stolen property, possession of burglary tool (a shaved key), evading police, probation violation and being an unlicensed driver.

ARRESTS MADE AT IHOP: CERES - Two women went to jail Saturday after they failed to pay for their meals and argued with and made threats against employees of the International House of Pancakes on Hatch Road.

Iris Williams, 30, of Ceres, and Rahoma Perez, 30, of Modesto, were taken into custody in the 1:44 a.m. incident.

Police said the women were protesting the service they received and attempted to leave without paying. Officer Josh Kling arrived and noted that the women seemed intoxicated. The two women were arguing and using obscenities when the officer arrived. One of the women told the female clerk, "Oh you called the cops, b----."

As Williams and Perez were being arrested they tried to jerk away from the officer. They face charges of public intoxication and resisting arrest.

MOBILEHOME SEARCH NETS DRUGS: CERES - A probation search on a unit inside Colony Park Estates Mobilehome Park, 3939 S. Central Avenue, netted two arrests Saturday evening. Officers went to the unit at 7:56 p.m. and found Bobbie Mills, 24, of Ceres, in possession of a controlled substance. An arrest was made on that charge and a misdemeanor warrant.

Douglas Hunter, 47, also of Ceres, was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of syringes.

MAN ESCAPES RUNNING ACROSS FREEWAY: CERES - A man escaped arrest late Saturday evening after running from an officer by going across the lanes of Highway 99.

The driver of the car he fled from was arrested for possession of drugs.

Officer Carlos Quiroz made traffic stop and Sixth and park streets at 11:56 p.m. and approached the car. As he neared the car the suspect drove off but was stopped a second time by officer Dan Fairchilds who was just pulling up to the scene for assistance. The car was stopped at Sixth and Roeding at which point a male passenger bolted from the car. Fairchilds lost the suspect as he jumped over a fence and onto the freeway. Deputy Chief of Police Mike Borges said the suspect possibly had an arrest warrant.

Driver Laura Brinssield, 38, of Modesto, was arrested for evading police and possession of a controlled substance, possibly cocaine.

OAKDALE MAN ARRESTED FOR DUI: CERES - An Oakdale driver was arrested for drunk driving Sunday after he pulled over at a gas station and threw his keys in a bush.

At 12:29 a.m. police dispatchers received a call about Andrew Oksen, 31, stepping out of his car at the Chevron station at Hatch and Herndon.

Officer Brian Peterson arrived and arrested him for driving under the influence and probation violation.