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MAN CAUGHT ACTING LIKE A BABY IN DIAPERS: CERES - Police handled a bizarre case on Wednesday evening when patrons of Denny's restaurant reported a grown man dressed like a baby in diapers asking people for a "ba-ba" and "blankie."

Officers told the man to go on his way since nobody wanted to file a complaint against the 26-year-old man. His name was not released since he wasn't arrested.

The man allegedly followed around paramedics at the restaurant with a purse on his arm and lipstick on his lips.

"The officers thought it was a joke," said Deputy Chief of Police Mike Borges, "but this guy claims some couples are adopting him and treating him like a baby girl and fixing a baby room for him."

Police paid the restaurant a visit at 11:27 p.m.

PUBLIC DRUNKENNESS: CERES - Police are investigating a Thursday morning shooting at an Evans Road apartment complex that was possibly gang related.

Ceres police received calls at 12:25 a.m. about shots being fired in the 1600 block of Evans and also at Richland and Evans. Acting on a vehicle description, police located an SUV in the 2000 block of Sequoia Street and made a traffic stop with the assistance of the Street Crimes Unit. Five subjects inside the SUV were removed and were determined to be documented Surreno gang members. The SUV had been hit by bullets.

Deputy Chief of Police Mike Borges said that an apartment unit had been hit by gunfire but that no weapons had been located inside the SUV. He indicated that the five from the SUV were outside the unit at the time of the shooting and apparently were the targets. After the shooting they fled the scene. Only the driver of the SUV was arrested. Javier Arevalo, 21, of Ceres, was charged with possession of an unlawful weapon (brass knuckles and a baseball bat) and possession of small amount of marijuana.

TEENS CAUGHT TRESPASSING: CERES - Two teenagers were cited and released after they were found trespassing in a vacant house in the 3700 block of Blaker Road on Wednesday evening.

Police were called at 11:50 p.m. by a neighbor who saw the two in the yard of the abandoned house. Police arrived and found a 17-year-old boy hiding in the backyard and a 15-year-old female hiding in a neighboring yard. They were released to their parents and cited for trespassing.

PUBLIC DRUNKENNESS: CERES - An alert Ceres patrolman spotted an inebriated man riding on the hood of a car going down Central Avenue late Wednesday and arrested him.

Officer Joe Wren spotted a northbound car on Central Avenue at Magnolia Street and noticed that Darrell Canada, 29, of Turlock, was riding on the hood. Wren pulled the car over and saw Canada climb into the passenger compartment. He suspected that Canada was drunk and was arrested for public intoxication. The driver of the car, Shannon Fregulia, 29, also of Turlock, was arrested for DUI. Fregulia was also driving on a suspended license.

The arrests were at 10:09 p.m.

DEATH THREATS AGAINST OFFICER: CERES - Police investigated graffiti in the area of Lois and Darrah Thursday evening which threatened the life of officer James Yandell.

Officers went to the scene at 7:41 a.m. and determined that the graffiti was painted on a wall by a Norteno gang member who spray-painted in red, Yandell's name and the number "187," which the penal code section number for murder. The graffiti also showed a hand flipping a bird and a likeness of a man with the eyes x'd out and a badge beneath him.

Deputy Chief of Police Mike Borges said his agency doesn't know who wrote the graffiti nor why the threats were made against Yandell.

BROTHERS ARRESTED AT BAR: CERES - Two Ceres brothers were jailed early Saturday after an altercation broke out at the Midway Club in the 1400 block of Mitchell Road. Two Ceres officers were at the bar at 1:34 a.m. and interrupted a fight that broke out in a large crowd of about 100 patrons. Jason Brogdon, 23, was being arrested for fighting in public and resisting arrest when his brother Joseph Brogdon, 25, decided to interfere by screaming at officers and failing to comply with orders to back away. Joseph Brogdon was was arrested for interfering with police matters.

The second fight subject could not be located due to the number of people at the bar.