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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHARGED: CERES - A 42-year-old Ceres man was arrested Saturday after he allegedly choked his wife.

Ceres Police received a call at 2:03 a.m. from the 1200 block of Hackett Road saying a woman was banging on the door fearful that someone was trying to kill her. Officer Jason Brock arrived and spotted Agustin Ochoa leaving in his car. When Brock tried to make a traffic stop, Ochoa kept driving. The chase ended up stopping in the 3500 block of Chandra Court where Ochoa pulled into a driveway and began running to the front door of a house. When Brock yelled for Ochoa to stop, Ochoa kept running so the officer deployed his taser gun.

Police learned later that Ochoa, who had been drinking, was driving his wife, said police, when he became upset and pulled over, grabbed her out of the vehicle and began choking her. The wife broke free from his grip and ran up to the house for help.

He was charged with domestic violence, DUI, and evading an officer.

BROTHER DOES BROTHER WRONG: CERES - Police say that when Anthony Martinez, 49, of Ceres, was being cited for a traffic offense on Aug. 1, he gave the name of his brother. He was getting away with it until his brother received a notification that he failed to show up in court.

The 50-year-old man believed that his brother used his ID to get out of the ticket. Officer Quiroz located Martinez at 3:06 p.m. on Thursday and arrested him for impersonating another person to make them liable.

SWALLOWED HIS POT: CERES - A teenager who was being busted for possession of marijuana tried to hide his stash by swallowing it, said Ceres Police.

Michael McGee, otherwise known as Michael Vallegas, 19, of Modesto, was arrested for destroying evidence when he was being cited at12:11 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

His friend, Jeffrey Delaney, 19, of Modesto, was also cited for possession of marijuana.

Police were called by alert residents who said someone was smoking marijuana in the area of Central and Nadine. Police found the suspects' car and ended up at 1300 block of Steele. Officers detected the strong smell of marijuana in the car.