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DRUG POSSESSION: CERES - A Hughson man was arrested for possession of methamphetamine during an April 30 traffic stop. Jorge Mendez, 43, was driving in the 3900 block of Mitchell Road when he was pulled over at 2:44 a.m. by Officer Carlos Quiroz. The vehicle was pulled over for expired tags. Officer Quiroz learned that Mendez also had for warrants for contempt of court, of which two were no bail warrants. The warrants were issued by the District Attorney's Family Support Division.

BATTERY AGAINST OFFICER, DOG: CERES - A 26-year-old Ceres man was arrested on a variety of charges April 30 after he pushed an officer during a pat-down search in the Lois and Sequoia area.

At approximately 8:30 p.m., Officer Joe Wren spotted Ronald Scott Jr., a known parolee. Scott consented to a search but then pushed away from the officer and began running away. Wren warned Scott that if he didn't stop that he would release his police dog, Axel. Scott continued to run but the dog caught up with him in the 2000 block of Sequoia. Scott began punching the dog with his fists. The dog released Scott but began attacking again. Scott began kicking the dog in the head until Wren arrived to intervene.

Scott was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, resisting arrest, battery on a police canine and battery on a peace officer.

14-YEAR-OLD ARRESTED FOR CAR THEFT: CERES - A short police pursuit of a stolen vehicle resulted in the arrest of a 14-year-old Modesto girl early on Wednesday morning.

Officer Brinton Moore was patrolling at 1:56 a.m. when he spotted a 1991 Nissan Sentra southbound on Herndon Road near Pecos Avenue. He attempted to stop the driver for a minor vehicle code violation and the car sped up. In the 900 block of Acacia Street, the car came to a stop and four occupants bailed out. Only one, the 14-year-old, was apprehended. She was arrested for possession of stolen property (car) and possession of burglary tools.

Deputy Police Chief Mike Borges said that the car had previously been stolen from the apartment complex at 1301 Richland Avenue and had yet to be reported as stolen.

The girl, whose identity was not released because of her age, was in possession of shaved keys used to get into the car.

ON DRUGS IN STORE SHED: CERES - A Modesto man suspected of being high on drugs was removed from a Home Depot shed early Thursday.

At 2:35 a.m. Officer Wren was conducting a check of Home Depot and found one of the display sheds in front of the store closed when they are ordinarily open. When he opened the shed he found Brian Ortega, 30, inside. Deputy Police Chief Mike Borges said when he was told that he was trespassing, Ortega "told the officer to close the door in unflattering terms and said he didn't want to talk." When Wren went to remove Ortega he became combative. Wren released his police canine, Axel, which tried to drag Ortega out of the shed. Ortega began kicking the dog.

Ortega was arrested for battery on a peace officer, trespassing, resisting arrest, battery on a police canine, being under the influence of a controlled substance, and violation of parole.

WEAPONS REMOVED FROM TEENS: CERES - Four teenagers prominently wearing red gang colors were arrested Thursday evening for a variety of charges.

At 7:53 p.m. Ceres police officer Josh Klinge saw the four juveniles walking in the 1800 block of Whitmore Avenue. He made contact with the juveniles, ranging from 14 to16 years old, and detected the smell of marijuana on them. During a patdown search the officer found two carrying cigarette lighters, which is illegal for minors, and one possessing Zig Zag rolling papers. Another boy was found carrying a hidden 24-inch mini bat. The SF Giants logo on the bat had been modified with numbers "209 XIV" written on it. He was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.

The 15-year-old boy had an imitation handgun in his waist band that proved to be a BB gun. The number, 187, was etched on the handle, which is the penal code number for murder. He, too, was arrested for carryng a concealed weapon.

PIRATED DVDS SEIZED: CERES - A Fresno man was arrested for selling pirated DVDs from his car trunk in the parking lot of the Ceres Wal-Mart store Thursday.

A citizen called 911 at 8:02 p.m. to report that someone was offering pirated movies from his car. Police arrived and located Emmitt Gardner III, 23, of Fresno. He had over 205 pirated DVDs in his trunk, some of which have not been released on DVD, said Deputy Police Chief Mike Borges.

Gardner was arrested for possession of pirated movies.

DUI ARREST ON HATCH ROAD: CERES - Jesse Vazquez, 42, of La Grange, was arrested for driving while under the influence as he was driving in the 1300 block of Hatch Road early Friday.

During the 12:01 a.m. traffic stop, his passengers were also found breaking the law. James Solus, 35, of Modesto, was arrested for possession of cocaine. Eddie Timmons, 37, also of Modesto, had a no-bail warrant for a parole violation.

STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERED: CERES - Officer Jason Brock, who was honored last year for retrieving the most stolen vehicles, added another to his record Saturday.

At 2:28 p.m. Brock was in the 800 block of Watson Avenue when he spotted a stolen 1991 Acura Legend stolen earlier in the day. He watched the vehicle parked in the alley as Jose Martinez, 37, climbed into it with a female passenger. Brock attempted to stop the car but Martinez accelerated. During the chase Martinez tried to bail from the car but was later located hiding in a backyard in the 1500 block of Jim Way.

The passenger was released.

Martinez was arrested for possession of stolen property and evading an officer.