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ROBBERY STAGED: CERES - Three women were arrested for robbery and conspiracy to commit a crime in connection with a Friday evening robbery staged in the Save Mart Shopping Center parking lot at Whitmore Avenue and Mitchell Road.

Two males are still being sought in connection with the crime, said Deputy Chief of Police Mike Borges.

Two of the victims apparently knew one of the five suspects. Borges said a suspect inticed the victims to the parking lot through a cell phone text, claiming that she was intoxicated and needed a ride. When the victims arrived at the scene they were confronted by two Hispanic males, both armed with handguns, said Borges. They demanded money. A 25-year-old male victim handed over cash and cigarettes. The suspects also demanded the keys to the car the victims arrived in, saying they would be killed if they followed.

The victims reported the crime to 911 at 11:15 p.m. and gave a description of the car and the license plate number. Within moments Sgt. Deidre Borges located the vehicle on the 99 and Hatch Road offramp. She made a traffic stop and arrested two inside the car.

Officer Brian Perreira located three other suspects at the Hatch Road McDonalds.

Amanda Iniguez, 18, of Ceres, and Marianne Magana, 21, of Modesto, were both arrested on charges of robbery and conspiracy to commit a crime. Amber Inderbitzin, 25, of Modesto, was booked for robbery, conspiracy to commit a crime and for having a felony warrant for petty theft with prior convictions. The victims were only able to identify three of the five apprehended by police.

SHOTS FIRED ON BOULDER FALLS: CERES - Police seized a .40-caliber gun in the 3600 block of Boulder Falls early Sunday morning after reports of shots being fired in the yard.

Police dispatchers were called at 12:45 a.m. by someone who heard the shots and saw two men running into a house. Police surrounded the house and called the occupants out with a bullhorn. Officers found the gun and a magazine lying on the ground but nobody confessed to knowing anything about the shots.

Mike Borges, deputy chief of police, said his officers didn't find any objects hit.

PAIR CRASH AFTER PAINTBALL SHOOTING SPREE: CERES - A teenage girl was arrested early Saturday morning for driving drunk after she ran into two parked cars in the 1200 block of Moffet Road.

Police said that Breann Snyder, 18, of Ceres, and an unknown male were driving around Ceres shooting other cars with a paintball gun. Apparently Snyder and her accomplice had fired upon a vehicle, angering its owner who chased after them. As she sped off Snyder hit the parked vehicles, both belonging to one individual.

The incident occurred at 12:17 a.m.

Snyder was taken to the hospital where a blood sample was taken. She was cited and released pending charges from the District Attorney's Office.

STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERED: CERES - Police officer Brian Peterson randomly spotted a 1990 Honda Accord on Railroad Avenue on Tuesday, April 22, ran its license plate through his computer and found it was stolen. About the same time the car pulled into the parking lot of E.R. Vine & Sons where he detained the five occupants.

Ceres residents Natalie Guardado, 20, and Leonardo Saucedo, 19, were arrested for possession of stolen property and possession of burglary tool. Three 17-year old females (two from Ceres) were arrested for the same charges.

The vehicle was reported stolen out of Modesto that morning.