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STABBING OUTSIDE STORE: CERES - A 24-year-old Ceres man was stabbed outside of Richland Liquors Friday night by men suspected of being gang members.

The victim said he went to the store, at the corner of Richland and Evans, at 8:27 p.m. to buy cigarettes. Four men, possibly members of the Surreno gang, confronted the customer and asked if he was a Norteno since he was wearing red in his shoes. He said he wasn't affiliated with any gang. As he came out of the store the four suspects surrounded him and started hitting him. He was knifed in abdomen during the attack.

Police checked out the area and saw nothing. A while later, however, Doctors Medical Center in Modesto called police to report that they had a stabbing victim seeking treatment. The victim told police that he had a friend drive him to the emergency room because he feared an ambulance ride would cost too much, said Deputy Chief of Police Mike Borges.

The suspects were all described as Hispanic males in their 20s.

ATTEMPTED MURDER: CERES - Attempted murder charges could be leveled at a 29-year-old suspect accused of trying to choke his ex-girlfriend on Tuesday, Feb. 26.

Deputy Chief of Police Mike Borges said that his department is seeking out an arrest warrant for the suspect, whose name was not released. The suspect is accused of using a rope to choke the woman in a car after she turned down a sexual advance.

Borges said the suspect picked up the 24-year-old woman - whom he had a five-year relationship with and had a child with - at her workplace. Sometime between 9:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., the suspect drove the woman to a secluded area of Rockefeller and Foundry Court and apparently to get her into the back seat, said Borges. When she said no, without warning he pulled out a quarter-inch thick rope and started choking her neck. The victim said she nearly passed out when he released the rope.

After she was choked the victim coaxed the suspect to drive her to her parents' house in the 3000 block of Agresti to get a change of clothes. She went inside the house and reported what happened to family members who then confronted the man, said Borges. The suspect then drove off.

Police said they found a rope which had been discarded at the scene.

The man, whose last known address was in the Bakersfield area, may end up being charged with domestic abuse. Borges said the attempted murder charge depends on the District Attorney's office.

LARGE GATHERING ON POMEGRANITE: CERES - Police interrupted a large gathering of approximately 100 persons who gathered in the 3500 block of Pomegranite Avenue early Sunday morning. Officers were called at 1:02 a.m. with the report that approximately 20 people were fighting on Pomegranite and that the fight was moving down Monterey Pine Avenue. Officers said they arrived and saw a number of people dressed in red leaving the area.

"Nobody wanted to talk about the fight," said Deputy Chief of Police Mike Borges.

Officers arrested Gerald Garcia, 18, of Ceres, for public drunkeness. They also towed a motorcycle that was blocking a sidewalk.

JUMPED AT FIFTH AND WHITMORE: CERES - Four young men were jumped and robbed by 14 suspects while walking down the sidewalk in the area of Fifth and Whitmore Sunday early morning. The suspects were possibly members of the Norteno street gang, said Deputy Chief Mike Borges.

The suspects rolled up to the teens, aged 15 to 19, in two vehicles and asked where the party was. The suspects, all dressed in red, jumped out and began beating on the victims. A 19-year-old victim said he was punched in the face. During the attack, wallets and cell phones were taken. A 18-year-old victim told police that he resisted and punched one of the suspects as they were rummaging through his pockets. A pocket knife fell from the victim's pocket and was picked up by a suspect, who opened it and waved it in front of him. The victim turned to run to contact police.

Borges said that a female drove away from the scene of the fight and was followed by suspects in a late-model dark Astro van westbound on Whitmore. She said the suspects rear-ended her car several times. The other car involved was described as a dark colored four-door model.