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MOTHER ARRESTED FOR DRUG DEALING: CERES - A Ceres mother was arrested Wednesday, Nov. 28 when police executed a search warrant and found drugs and guns.

Police found two grams of methamphetamine (crank) in baggies and about a half pound of marijuana as well as a 9mm handgun and .22-caliber rifle.

Elma Valdez, 35, was arrested at her home in the 1700 block of Avon Court and charged with possession of mariajuana and methamphetamine for sale. She was also charged with cruelty to children since small children were in the house.

Police executed the search warrant at 9:30 a.m.

Police Division Commander Mike Borges said his department is going after street level dealers.

HUGHSON MAN FACES THEFT CHARGES: KEYES - A Hughman man was arrested by Sheriff's deputies early Saturday on a variety of burglary charges at the conclusion of a pursuit.

Christopher Wakefield, 48, was booked on suspicion of felony petty theft with a prior, evading police and possession of burglary tools.

Deputies learned of a burglary in the Denair-Keyes area at 12:40 a.m. and spotted a vehicle believed to be involved, driven by Wakefield. Deputies attempted to pull over the vehicle near East Taylor Road and North Berkeley Avenue, but Wakefield sped off. The vehicle was followed to a dairy at Santa Fe Avenue and E. Barnhart Road. Wakefield was immediately arrested while his passenger, David Hill, 34, of Modesto, fled on foot. He was flushed out by a police canine.

Hill was a parole. He was booked on suspicion of felony petty theft with a prior conviction, possession of a controlled substance, being armed with a firearm and violating his parole.

The pair is believed to have stolen gas.

Man beaten in rural robbery

A man in the Hughson-Empire area was beaten during a home invasion robbery on Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 27.

The attack occurred at the victim's house on South Santa Fe Avenue, near the Tuolumne River just south of Empire, said Royjinder Singh, a spokesman with the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department.

He said the crime unfolded at approximately 1 p.m. when a woman he knew asked to use his phone, claiming that her vehicle broke down. He told deputies that he let her in and went back to bed since he sleeps during the day and works nights.

About an hour later two males arrived. They informed the victim that the woman had sent them there to see if he would help and offer the use of his tools to get the car repaired. The man consented but then heard a weapon cocking behind his back as he turned away. He saw one of the men holding a semi-automatic handgun. The other man began hunting for items to steal. The victim decided to attempt to break free but was pistol whipped by the man holding the gun. He also fired several warning shots.

The pair of suspects left the house with a little cash and some items.

Sheriff's detectives believe that the woman was involved in the attack.

The victim was treated at his home for injuries.