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DRUG ARRESTS MADE: CERES - Three persons were arrested last week when Ceres Police detectives delivered search warrants for illegal drugs at two different locations.

Detectives served a search warrant in the 2900 block of Sixth with the belief that occupants were dealing drugs. There was evidence that drug sales had taken place at a garage, said Borges, but no drugs were located. The dilapidated condition of the structure resulted in a call to the fire department, which declared it too unsafe to occupy.

In the 2400 block of North Street, police arrested Andrew Bartlett, 25, of Ceres, on charges of possession of methamphetamine and marijuana for sale. He also faces charges of conducting drug sales within 1,000 feet of an elementary school (Walter White).

Arrested for misdemeanor warrants was Tracy Shaw, 22, of Ceres.

At 10 a.m. Friday, detectives served a warrant at an apartment complex at1932 Darrah Street, and arrested Hilda De Cid, 43, of Ceres. Police found an ounce of crystal meth, a pound and a half of marijuana packaged for sales and $5,000 in cash. They also located $700 in counterfeit money. Some of the drugs were being weighed out on the kitchen table when police entered the residence.

De Cid is being charged with possession of illegal drugs, possession of controlled substances for sale, possession of counterfeit money and drug sales within 1,000 feet of the a community alternative high school.

A second person who lives in the house and was deemed active in the sales is still being sought.

Police have ordered the seizure of $53,000 in De Cid's bank account under the suspicion that it was made by selling drugs.

"It's our assertion the money was obtained by illegal drug sales and they'll have the opportunity to dispute that in the asset forfeitures hearing," said Commander Borges.

ATTACK OUTSIDE OF AM/PM: CERES - Investigators are trying to locate the persons responsible for an attack on a teenager outside of the AM/PM at Ninth and Whitmore early in the morning on Oct. 3. The 18-year-old was physically assaulted and struck by a car and required hospitalization for face and leg injuries.

The victim was driven to the store by a friend and his brother at 1:58 a.m. to buy a cigar when he was confronted by another Hispanic teen, described as about five-foot-tall with shaved head, and wearing a blue sweatshirt and dark pants. The suspect also spoke in broken English. The victim saw a gun in the man's waistband and bolted on foot westbound across the AM/PM parking lot, then bounded over the fence onto the Sutter Gould medical office property. The victim tripped and found himself being punched and kicked by the man who had chased him.

The victim fought off the suspect and ran off, only to be corraled by two or three vehicles on Whitmore Avenue, apparently friends of the assailant. One vehicle was described as a newer Lexus with gold or tan paint. The others were a brown or black older Suburban or Bronco and a grey 1990s model two-door Cougar, possibly dark brown or a two-door Mitsubishi. Each of the cars reportedly had two to four Hispanic males riding inside.

The victim was struck in the head by a bottle which was thrown by one of the suspects, said Police Division Commander Mike Borges. As the victim got up to run away, he was hit and knocked down by one of the vehicles. Down again, the victim was kicked and punched by several suspects.

During the attack, the victim's friend and brother had driven over to the scene of the assault in an attempt to pick him up but was cut off by the other cars. The car hit one of the grey cars to escape, leaving the victim on foot.

Police were dispatched to reports of gunshots outside the store but were only able to locate the victim's vehicle at Third and Whitmore. The suspects got away.

Police found no evidence of gunshots but are attempting to review the surveillance video from a parking lot camera.

Anyone with information on the attack is urged to call detectives at 538-5727.