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• PURSUIT ENDS IN CRASH INTO CARS: CERES - Two heavily intoxicated occupants of a 2000 Lincoln sustained injuries early Saturday when the driver led police on a chase and lost control, crashing into parked cars in the 2000 block of Sequoia Avenue.

At 1:56 a.m., Officer Brian Albonetti spotted a car speeding at Moffet Road and Fowler Avenue and when he tried to stop the driver, the chase turned onto westbound Caswell Avenue. The driver pushed the car upwards of 100 mph down Caswell Avenue. At Central Avenue the driver lost control and the car became airborne across Central Avenue.

The car struck the driver's side of a parked 1994 Ford Escort at 2025 Sequoia Street and continued westboard until it hit a fence at 2013 Sequoia and then a 1990 Crown Victoria parked up in front of 2009 Sequoia. It also hit a 2010 Chevy Silverado pickup sitting in the driveway a and 1996 Honda Civic parked at 2009 Sequoia.

The two occupants were pinned into the wreckage with driver Dennis Barreto, 29, of Santa Clara, sustaining injury to his face.

Barreto was treated at Doctors Medical Center for his injuries and arrested on charges of vehicle pursuit, and drunk driving resulting in injuries. He also had a no bail warrant for his arrest issued by Santa Clara County.

Passenger Ben Gallego, 34, of Ceres, was transported to Doctors Medical Center.

Lt. Brent Smith said both occupants were "so drunk they could not give a coherent statement."

As authorities were tending to the crash scene, a car pulled up to report to officers that the Barreto and Gallego had just robbed one of their friends.

Robbery charges are being held off pending the results of the police investigation.

ARSON ARREST MADE: EMPIRE - Jeremy Gilstrap, a 33-year-old transient, was arrested on suspicion of arson Wednesday in connection with a brush fire near the Tuolumne River near Santa Fe Avenue north of Hughson.

Gilstrap was seen by a Hughson volunteer firefighter setting the fire. He walked north on Santa Fe Avenue where he was arrested by a Sheriff's deputy. He later told investigators that he set the grass fire because he didn't like foxtail weeds.

The 8:30 p.m. fire, battled by the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District, blackened less than an acre.

• LOADED GUN IN PUBLIC: CERES - Daniel Torres, 26, of Modesto, was arrested on charges of carrying a loaded firearm in a public place after he allegedly took a shot at a dog with a small handgun on Friday evening.

Police received a call at 8:57 p.m. about a man firing a weapon in the 1200 block of Mitchell Road at River Road.

Officer Jeremy Caron arrived and spotted Torres walking northbound on Mitchell toward Modesto. Torres allegedly laid the gun down when he saw police. Officer Caron found the loaded handgun with five rounds and arrested him on the misdemeanor.

• SHOT MAN ENDS UP IN CERES: CERES - Police were dispatched to Joy Avenue on Thursday evening where a man turned up shot from an incident in Empire. Police noted that the victim drove to his father's house in Ceres and that the car was peppered by shotgun pellets. When they arrived the shot man was taken to the hospital from treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

The Sheriff's Department said that the 34-year-old victim is the nephew of Jess Piehlers, 43, who was drinking at his home in the 200 block of Church Street. After the two got into an argument, and Piehlers fetched his shotgun and chased his nephew outside. As the victim got in the car and began driving off, Piehlers fired through the windshield, hitting the victim in the head and arm. Several other shots were fired in his direction.

Ceres police assisted the Sheriff's Department is surrounding Piehlers' home but he was not home. Piehlers is still at large.

• BURGLARIZED ITEMS SEIZED: CERES - Police seized several power tools taken from the burglary of St. Jude's Catholic Church over the weekend of June 23-24.

Someone entered the church's work shed and took tools.

On June 26, police found transient Randy Roy, 32, in possession of several power tools taken in the burglary.

Church officials confirmed the items taken were theirs but police are attempting to locate Roy for charges.

• BODY FOUND ON OVERPASS: CERES - Police are investigating the death of a man who was found atop the Pine Street/Highway 99 overpass early Tuesday.

The deceased man, Gabriel Hernandez, 38, had been dead several hours, said police, when he was found at 5:06 a.m.

No signs of foul play were observed. An investigation will include the causes of death to be determined by an autopsy.