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• HIT & RUN CRASH TAKES TWIST: CERES - An alleged hit-and-run driver was arrested Sunday, along with his female passenger, after they falsely reported his car had been stolen before the crash.

At 2:20 p.m. David Stephens, 21, of Ceres, crashed a Toyota Camry into a parked black Acura in front of 1445 Nadine Avenue, said Lt. Brent Smith. Two occupants fled the disabled vehicle by the time police arrived.

As Officer John King was investigating the crash, dispatchers received a call about the Toyota being stolen. Officer King figured out that Stephens and Amber Valenzuela, 35, of Ceres, had filed a false police report in an attempt to escape a hit-and-run charge.

"Officer King found out they were lying about what they were doing," said Lt. Smith.

Stephen, who had a Manteca Police issued no-bail warrant for theft and DUI, was arrested on charges of hit and run.

• AT-LARGE PAROLEE ARRESTED: CERES - Police officers assisted the Sheriff's Department in locating and arresting an at-large parolee Saturday evening at 2520 Don Pedro Road.

Thomas Hewes, 28, ran from a Sheriff's canine at 8:30 p.m. Ceres officers assisted in the search and found Hewes hiding in a camper on the property. Hewes put up a struggle with officers before being taken into custody.

Hewes had a felony vandalism warrant issued by Ceres Police.

• VOLUNTEER HELPS NAB THEFT SUSPECT: CERES - A man accused of stealing from the Ceres Walmart store was apprehended thanks to the alert eyes of a member of the Ceres Volunteers in Public Safety (VIPS).

At 1:15 p.m. on Saturday, VIPS volunteer Otoniel Salgado was on patrol in the Walmart parking lot when he saw a suspect being chased by personnel. The suspect was last seen running toward River Oaks Golf Course across the street. Salgado reported what he saw and helped track down the suspect to the 3200 block of Golf Links Road where Richard Tribble, 47, was found hiding in bushes near a house.

Tribble was ordered out of the bush at gunpoint and then fought with arresting officers Steve Carvalho and Sgt. Pat Crane. Even after being handcuffed, Tribble pinned the arm of Officer Ross Bays under the armpit. Bays had to push Tribble away to get untangled from him.

Tribble was charged with commercial burglary and resisting arrest, as well as for Modesto and Sheriff's Department issued no-bail warrants for grand theft.

• HOME RANSACKED, SUSPECTS CAUGHT: CERES - Two men were arrested on Monday, May 14 shortly after a burglary in the 2400 block of Boothe Road was interrupted by a resident who came home while a thief was present.

The resident came home at 2:26 p.m. and saw a man in his house who quickly fled and began jumping backyard fences to get away. At the same time, a suspicious looking red SUV was seen driving slowly in the area. The occupants were detained and the victim was brought to the scene but they were not involved. On the way back to the burglarized residence, the officer and victim spotted a vehicle with the suspect. The passenger had numerous scratches and scrapes consistent with someone who had just jumped over wooden fence planks.

The occupants of the vehicle, driver Henry Romero, 21, of Ceres, and Marcus Bettencourt, 32, of Copperopolis, were arrested and booked on charges of burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime.

During the incident, off-duty officer Jeremy Caron was driving to work and made a mental note of seeing a man running hard down the street and thought it odd. When he got on duty, Caron returned to the scene and found a pillowcase full of stolen goods that came from the house.

• SHOTGUN FOUND IN VAN: CERES - A Ceres teenager was arrested Friday evening after a sawed-off shotgun was found inside 2000 Chrysler van.

An officer was on patrol in the 1700 block of Evans Road at 11:43 p.m. when he spotted Michael Young, 19, of Ceres, milling with others. The officer caught up with Young on Ashbury Court. Young, who is on probation, may be searched without cause. The van yielded a sawed-off Winchester .20-gauge shotgun which Young said he knew was there.

Young was booked on charges of possession of a sawed-off shotgun.

• FAKE BILL PASSED: CERES - A counterfeit $50 bill was passed Sunday afternoon at Fairview Market but police made no arrest of the 26-year-old Ceres man who had it after he convinced police he didn't know it was bad.

Police were called to the market at 3:17 p.m.

Lt. Brent Smith said Ceres has been experiencing a rash of counterfeit $50 bills, especially in the Hatch Road and that they are well done. The bill is being turned over to the U.S. Secret Service for investigation.