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• PAROLEE FOUND WITH STOLEN CREDIT CARDS: CERES - A Tracy parolee was arrested after his silver 1996 Oldsmobile was stopped in the 1300 block of Hatch Road on Tuesday, Feb. 14 and fled it because it contained stolen credit cards.

Officer Chris Melton stopped the car, driven by Frankie Ruiz, 22, of Tracy, after he saw it perform an unsafe and sudden lane change at 10 p.m. Ruiz pulled over in front of 1301 Richland and ran inside the apartment complex. Police set up a perimeter to search for the suspect. The search was aided when a resident called 911 to report that a man was trying to break into her unit. Officer Coey Henson found Ruiz near apartment #231.

Initially Ruiz gave police a false name.

Melton found several credit cards, one confirmed stolen.

The parolee at large was arrested on charges of driving on a suspended license, possession of stolen property, parole violation and giving a false identity to an officer.

• FRAUD & BURGLARY RING HALTED: CERES - An alert Home Depot employee and Ceres police put an end to a ring of burglary suspects who used fraudulent cashier's checks to get merchandise at stores throughout the region.

The arrest of five Sacramento men came Friday after one tried to make a purchase at the Hatch Road store at 1 p.m. using a check that looked questionable to an employee, who then called police. The suspect, Ruben Barksdale, 21, tried to run from the store but was apprehended near the neighboring abandoned Raley's store.

Meanwhile, Officer John King stopped a 1998 Acura sedan linked with Barksdale. Four men were inside the car. Inside they found goods obtained at other stores, including T.J. Maxx and Home Depot, and 32 American Express travelers checks that bore the same serial number.

"The group had been up and down visiting all kinds of businesses from Tracy to Turlock passing fraudulent checks," said Lt. Brent Smith of the Ceres Police Department. "This was a ring that had been doing this some time."

Barksdale was arrested and charged with burglary and possession of fraudulent checks as were Develle Barksdale, 26, Randolph Reeves, 50, Stevie Jordon, 19, and Bill Wright, all of Sacramento. Wright also had an added charge of driving on a suspended license.

• MULTIPLE SHOTS FIRED AT OCCUPIED HOUSE: CERES - At least two suspects fired about 14 large rounds into the home at 805 Foster Drive in Ceres on Friday evening.

The house was occupied by three persons during the 10:05 p.m. shooting but nobody was injured.

Police counted 14 .357 Magnum shell casings in the road. Bullets also struck two vehicles parked in front of the house.

Witnesses had only sketchy information that two suspects were wearing light-colored and dark-colored shirts and may have been riding in a green or teal colored Honda.

Anyone with information on the shooters is urged to call Ceres Police Detectives at 538-5727.

• TWO BURGLARIZE STORAGE UNITS: CERES - Two Ceres men were arrested Sunday after they were seen burglarizing three units at the AAA Storage facility on Kinser Road.

Police arrested Luke Bailey, 45, and Tony Arreola, 34, both of Ceres, and charged them with burglary and possession of stolen property.

The crime was reported at 4 p.m.

The two gained access to the facility and used bolt cutters to gain access to the units, said Lt. Brent Smith. Bailey told police that they had stored some of the stolen property at his home at the Little Orchard mobilehome park at 3632 Ninth Street in Ceres. Police recovered $10,000 to $15,000 in stolen property, including tools, sports memorabilia and a generator.