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• FOUR ARRESTED IN LARGE PARTY: CERES - Four young adults were arrested on Saturday, Dec. 29 after police responded to a call about shots being fired at a large party at a home in the 1900 block of Altessa Drive in Eastgate.

When officers arrived they discovered over 100 young people in attendance, many all over the front of the property. When the police units were seen approaching, the party-goers ran to the inside of the house. Officers then heard loud screaming coming from the inside of the residence. Worried that someone inside may have been injured or possibly shot, police confronted the owner and began a systematic removal of the occupants, many of whom included under-aged females who were drinking alcoholic beverages. The owner was deemed uncooperative with police as they shut down the party and many of the teenagers didn't want to talk about the shots heard earlier. Some party-goers, however, gave police a vague description of four to five Hispanic males who showed up at the party and got angry after they were turned away and fired a weapon.

A near-riot was reported after Officer Brian Albonetti saw Lucas Gutierrez, 19, of Turlock, reach inside a patrol car and was pushed to the ground and others initiated a shoving match with officers. Gutierrez was arrested for public intoxication.

Others arrested for public intoxication included Jason Larsen, 25, and brother Justin Larsen, 19, both of Turlock. Justin Larsen was also charged with obstructing or delaying a police officer after he puffed his chest up to the chest of Officer Jeremy Lewis and told him he was going to knock him out.

Mariela Diaz, 24, of Modesto, also pushed an officer but was only charged with public intoxication.

• PURSUIT FOLLOWS WALMART THEFT: CERES - Police were led on a pursuit of a man who fled Walmart Sunday afternoon, Dec. 30 after he allegedly stole items while with a female companion.

Police were called by Walmart security personnel at 12:15 p.m. to report they had detained Kellia Howard, 25, of Modesto, who attempted to steal CDs and a 36-pack of Bud Lite beer at the Ceres store. Howard also was found with heroin in her possession.

Her companion, Augustin Molena, 42, of Modesto, ran out of the store without paying for merchandise and was seen leaving the parking lot in a 1997 Acura Integra. A short while later, Officer Joshua Kling saw Molena return, probably in an attempt to retrieve Howard. Kling attempted to stop Molena and a pursuit started. After five minutes of chasing the suspect, Kling lost Molena in the area of Seventh Street and River Road. The Sheriff's Department and Modesto police assisted in the search for the Acura. Modesto police officers located him at the trailer park at 655 Seventh Street in south Modesto. Molena was apprehended as he left his vehicle and was arrested on charges of commercial burglary and leading officers on a pursuit.

• HEROIN SALES ALLEGED: CERES - Ceres resident Angelo Pacheco, 30, was arrested on Sunday, Dec. 30 by members of the Ceres Police Department's Street Crimes Unit after he was found carrying around 11.5 grams of heroin.

Officers Keith Griebel and Carlos Quiroz were in the 3000 block of Fourth Street and spotted Pacheco, who is on probation and searchable. After the heroin was found on Pacheco, he was arrested and charged with possession of heroin, possession of heroin for sale and violating the terms of his probation.

• MAN LINKED TO CAR THEFT: CERES - On the way to an early Friday morning burglar alarm call, a Ceres police officer stopped a suspicious man who, as it turns out, was believed responsible for an auto theft.

At 2:09 a.m. Ceres patrol officer Jeremy Lewis was westbound on the Pine Street overpass when he saw a man he believed could have been connected to the alarm call. He stopped Miguel Serbin, 33, of Ceres, who initially lied about his name. Serbin was also acting strangely and told Lewis that if the sun were to catch him "the world will end."

Serbin had warrants for his arrest and was found with a set of car keys to a stolen VW that was parked near his home on Walnut Avenue.

Serbin was arrested for the warrants and charged with possession of stolen property.

• DUI HIT & RUN SUSPECT ARRESTED: CERES - The California Highway Patrol sought a Jan. 6 driver who hit another vehicle and fled while on Highway 99 and Ceres police helped capture him.

At 11 a.m. the CHP was investigating a hit and run crash on the freeway when the victim was following the suspect onto Mitchell Road. Officer Ross Bays spotted the suspect's Chrysler Sebring near Boothe Road and was able to get him to stop on Vera Way. The officer got out of his car and approached the Sebring but Camillo Avelar, 31, of Planada, moved his car again. He stopped 100 feet away and stopped and got out. Bays took Avelar to the ground and arrested him for the CHP, which booked him on charges of driving under the influence.

• ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE: CERES - Investigators are looking into a shooting of a man during a Saturday party held in the 2700 block of Riverbend Drive.

A family at the home was giving a going away party for a 19-year-old male who is off to a Marine Corps training boot camp. At 12:39 a.m. unknown males tried to gain access to the party but were asked to leave. On a return trip to the residence, a shotgun was fired at the residence, striking the victim in the face. He was transported to Memorial Medical Center and then later U.C. Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.

The suspect ran to a waiting car and fled the area.