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CRIME DIGEST published June 29, 2011
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• POLICE CANINE BITES AUTO THEFT SUSPECT: CERES - An uncooperative auto theft suspect was subdued by a police canine early Saturday morning after he was stopped in a stolen vehicle.

Atilano Diaz, 38, of Ceres. was arrested and charged with possession of burglary tools, auto theft, resisting an officer and driving under the influence.

At 12:05 a.m. Ceres police dispatchers received a call about a reckless driver inside the Colony Park Estates Mobilehome Park at 3939 S. Central Avenue. The license plate was reported and it was quickly learned that it had been reported stolen three weeks prior on Spruce Avenue in the Ceres area.

Officer Dirk Newenheis located the car, unoccupied, on Southwood Drive and waited until a driver returned. A few minutes later Diaz got in the car and drove off westbound toward Blaker Road when he was stopped. Officer Joe Wren blocked the stolen 1981 Mercedes 300 from the front. Diaz got out of the vehicle and began yelling at the officers and wouldn't not comply with orders to show his hands so a canine was deployed. Diaz fought dog after being bitten and three officers were required to subdue him for arrest.

After his arrest Diaz was rambling on and was transported to Doctors Medical Center for treatment of dog bites to his left leg.

The car had been hot-wired.

• PARK ROBBERY: CERES - A man reported that he was accosted by two men as he stood in Persephone Park Friday evening and was robbed of money and his cell phone at gunpoint.

The crime occurred at 11:13 p.m. The 18-year-old victim who lives on Dupree Lane, said he was talking on his cell phone when two Latino men about 18 years of age approached him and put a gun to his head and demanded money and the phone. The victim handed over what he had and the two robbers fled on foot.

• THEFT TURNS INTO ROBBERY AT HOME DEPOT: CERES - Police are searching for Alicia Moreno, 30, of Delhi, who allegedly slugged a Home Depot loss prevention officer Sunday after she was confronted with stealing plumbing merchandise.

"She punched him in the face and that's what made it a robbery," said Lt. Brent Smith.

The store employee was watching two women shoplifting plumbing items into a purse at the store at 7:16 p.m on June 26. The officer approached the two outside the Hatch Road store and one woman punched him in the face and ran away. The employee held onto her purse, which contained documents including jail paperwork. The suspect matched the ID in the purse and police said Moreno is now wanted for the crime.

In the aftermath of the assault, the second woman walked off and her identity is unknown, said Smith.

• MAN ARRESTED FOR GUN, KNIFE, DUI & WARRANTS: CERES - Police arrested a Fresno man yesterday morning after he was found with a gun and knife.

At 2:40 a.m. an officer arrested Robert Holloway during a traffic stop at Hatch Road and Herndon Avenue. Holloway was wanted on a traffic warrant for excessive speed. Lt. Brent Smith said Holloway was also charged with DUI, driving on a suspend license, possession of a switchblade knife and a 9mm handgun reported lost by Hayward Police.

Holloway was wearing a "The Chosen Few" motorcycle gang jacket.