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Alcohol fuels problems at Community Center
Ceres Cop Car

Two persons who were attending a private event at the Ceres Community Center were arrested for separate crimes fueled by excessive alcohol consumption early Sunday morning.

Security personnel called police at 12:31 a.m. to report people in a parked car possibly doing drugs. By the time police arrived the vehicle had moved and struck another car and ran over the foot of the security guard. Police said driver Clarissa Becerra, 22, of Modesto, was intoxicated as she blew into the Breathalyzer and registered a 0.15 blood alcohol content, nearly double the legal limit.

Becerra was arrested on charges of DUI and battery causing injury.

During the police response, several party goers surrounded officers and hurled threats and obscenities and attempted to provoke officers. Police gave several orders for the crowd to disburse, with two instigators being singled out. Once the two were detained, the rest of the trouble-makers left the scene.

Florencio Legorreta, 28, of Modesto, was arrested for public drunkenness after he continued to kick the police car and spit while inside it.