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Angry drunk fights police, hospital staff to the end
Richard Fargo
Richard Fargo

A 75-year-old Modesto man believed to be intoxicated put up a feisty fight early Saturday morning as he provoked Ceres Police into a chase that ended in his arrest.

Officer Eric Gallegos was parked near Family Pizza in the 2900 block of Whitmore Avenue at 1:55 a.m. when he observed a silver Honda pull up to the front entrance of the business. Officer Gallegos could hear the driver, Richard Fargo 75, of Modesto, yelling derogatory comments at the security officer at the door. Security responded by pointing out Officer Gallegos to Fargo who looked in Officer Gallegos’ direction and repeated the derogatory comment, this time at Officer Gallegos. Fargo then peeled out of the parking lot and accelerated quickly onto Whitmore Avenue.

Officer Gallegos chased after Fargo’s vehicle and activated his emergency lights and siren. Fargo ignored the officer’s signal to pull over and sped up to approximately 70 mph. The pursuit continued eastbound on Whitmore Avenue to Carpenter Road. Fargo ran several red signal lights and weaved in and out of the oncoming lanes before making a northbound turn onto Carpenter Road. At the officer’s request, a Sheriff’s deputy set up stop sticks on Carpenter Road near Paradise Road which deflated all four tires of Fargo’s Honda, causing it to slow down as he turned eastbound onto Paradise Road. The car came to a stop near Pine Tree Lane.

Fargo refused orders to get out of his car, even rolling up the windows and locking the doors. Police broke out the window to open the door and pull Fargo from the vehicle and handcuff him. Appearing to be under the influence of alcohol, Fargo was taken to the hospital where a sample of his blood was drawn for evidence. Fargo actively resisted the blood draw, kicking and biting hospital staff. Fargo was later booked into jail on charges of evading an officer, resisting arrest, driving under the influence of alcohol and battery on emergency personnel.