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Argument leads to discovery of stolen Utah vehicle
• Woman denies possessing car but belonging inside made her a liar
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A vehicle stolen in Utah was recovered in the 3000 block of Ninth Street in Ceres early Saturday after an officer was dispatched to the block for a report of two people arguing near the light blue Hyundai.

Ceres Police Department spokesman Lt. Chris Perry said Officer Kiashira Ruiz was dispatched at 2:35 a.m. about a woman yelling near the car. When she arrived no one was around and she could see it was filled with women’s clothing. A closer look turned up Shelley Stanfill, 37, of Ceres hiding in the shadows. Officer Ruiz recognized her from previous contacts. Stanfill said she was arguing with her boyfriend and knew nothing about the stolen vehicle. Her story was contradicted by contents of the car which included clothing with Stanfill’s name on tags and a purse with her license, Social Security card, and other items. A search of Stanfill turned up the key to the stolen car in her pocket. 

Stanfill then admitted to possessing the vehicle and using it but said she did not steal the car or know it was stolen. Stanfill was booked for felony possession of stolen property.

The vehicle was towed pending contact with the registered owner in Utah.