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Arrest made in DUI crash into Summit School
Car crash graphic

A Dec. 29 DUI crash into a classroom at Summit Charter School ended with classroom damage, two wrecked cars, an injured passenger and the arrest of the responsible driver.

The crash occurred at 1:07 a.m. when an eastbound car driven by Timothy Chhoeum, 28, of Ceres, rear-ended a parked Ontel security car in front of the school, located at Hatch Road and Central Avenue and then careened into the front of the school, punching a hole in a classroom wall. The Ontel car was parked in front of the school while the Ontel security guard was checking on the school. The Ontel employee saw the crash occur and ran over to the crashed cars. When he saw the driver trying to leave the car he held him until police arrived.
The injured female passenger in Chhoeum's car managed to crawl out to the back of the car.

Chhoeum was extremely intoxicated and refused to provide a breath sample so he was taken to DMC for a blood draw. The injured passenger was released to family at the scene after she refused medical treatment by AMR personnel.
Chhoeum was charged with the felony section due to the passengers visible injuries.

Later when a school employee was called to the campus to temporarily board up the hole in the wall, police were called out at 4 a.m. after subjects had been hanging around during the emergency work and several tools were missing. Officers checked the area but did not locate anyone.