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Arrests made in negligent discharge of firearm
Ceres Cop Car

Four persons have been arrested in connection with the May 15 shooting of a gun in the 1300 block of Tyrus Street.

Police were called at 1:59 a.m. and found three men standing in the garage. One individual hid something in a garbage can located on the side of the house. A radio transmission from dispatch confirmed the person responsible for firing a hand gun into the air matched the description of the man who stood by the garbage can. Officers approached the garage asking for the three men to keep their hands in clear sight. However, the men became confrontational and uncooperative. Gabriel Martinez 22, of Redding, Irvin Rubio 27, of Modesto, and Joseph Tarango, 28, of Waterford, were arrested after a struggle.

An officer searched the side of the house where Tarango hid an object in a trash can. The officer located a black semi-automatic pistol loaded with ten rounds. A stolen Smith & Wesson .44-caliber handgun from Modesto was recovered from inside the garage. Officers also found spent shell casings and a small plastic baggie containing a narcotic lying on the garage floor.

Martinez was charged with discharging a firearm and obstructing an officer.

Tarango was charged with discharging a firearm and obstructing an officer.

Rubio was charged with discharging a firearm, obstructing an officer and possession of stolen handgun.

Detectives followed up on this case and served a search warrant on May 25. After the house was secure, detectives discovered a loaded .357 semi-automatic handgun in a 10-year-old girl's closet. Crystal Ranee Martinez, 26, of Ceres, was the only adult with her 10-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son inside the home at the time of the warrant service. Crystal was arrested for child endangerment since the loaded handgun was easily accessible to the children.

The children were released to a family member. Anyone with information on the home is asked to call the Ceres Police Detectives Unit at 538-5672.