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Bar brawl ends in arrest of two
Ceres Cop Car

Two men were arrested early Sunday as they fled the scene of a bar fight in which two men were severely injured after being kicked repeatedly.

The incident occurred outside the Blue Horse Lounge on Service Road. A 1:32 a.m. call was placed to 9-1-1 about a brawl in the parking lot with suspects fleeing in a silver Honda Odyssey. The first officers arrived and were told the party left. Officer Justin Canatsy positioned himself atop the Whitmore Overpass and saw the van traveling northbound on the freeway. He quickly got on Highway 99 and caught up to the vehicle and initiated a stop at Seventh and River roads.

Seven occupants were removed from the van, two of which were later positively identified as participants in the fight. Johnny Sanchez, 21, of Modesto, was arrested for felony assault with great bodily injury. After police watched the surveillance video, they noted that James Britt, 22, of Modesto, had shattered the front door of the business by kicking it. Both Britt and Sanchez received charges of felony vandalism.

Two victims were taken to local hospital for treatment of injuries to their heads and chests after being kicked several times by Sanchez, said Ceres Police Department spokesman Sgt. Keith Griebel.

The fight apparently started when words were exchanged between the two parties. One of the victims thought that things were over when he saw Sanchez get inside his vehicle. He turned his back to Sanchez who then allegedly jumped him. Police say Sanchez initiated the attack.