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Bar patron hurt in fight
Assault suspect arrested at Blue Horse Lounge
Ceres Cop Car

One man was seriously injured in a melee that broke out Saturday evening, Oct. 14 at the Blue Horse Lounge, 3018 E. Service Road and one man was jailed for the attack.

At 1:50 a.m. Ceres Police were dispatched to the bar parking lot. Officer Ross Bays was first to arrive and found a large unruly crowd dispersing in every direction. He saw a 26-year-old assault victim lying face-down on the asphalt and being cared for by a female friend.

An ambulance was called as while interviewed witnesses who described the attacker in the crowd. The suspect, David Madrigal, 27, of Modesto, had blood on him and was circling back towards the victim.

Officers learned that Madrigal was acting unruly all evening and had started a fight with the victim outside the bar in the parking lot. Madrigal allegedly approached the victim and accused him of belonging to the Sureno street gang. The victim denied any gang affiliation and the two males started to fight, striking each other in the face. The victim was knocked to the ground where Madrigal stomped the back of his neck and head.

Madrigal refused to provide a statement and was arrested and booked for felony assault with a deadly weapon.