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Beer, gun in car lands men in jail
Ceres Cop Car

Two vehicle occupants stopped by a Ceres Police officer on Hatch Road and Church Lane in Modesto went to jail on Wednesday, March 1 because of what the officer found inside the car.

Driver Michael James Ludlow, 23, of Ceres, was arrested and charged with possession of a concealed firearm in a vehicle, driving on a suspended license, and other vehicle code violations.

His passenger, Johan Broadus, 23, of Modesto, admitted that the cold beer being consumed in the car was his so he was cited for open container. Broadus was on probation.

The car was stopped at 3:48 p.m. by Officer Fredrico Ortiz. Ludlow could not produce an ID or a driver's license; his license had been suspended. Ludlow then told Officer Ortiz that he had his gun in the vehicle. Ortiz located the Smith & Wesson semi-automatic 9mm handgun in the unlocked glove box and a magazine in the unlocked center console. The magazine had 10 live 9mm rounds in it.