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Bike theft ends in arrest
Lloyd Costa
Lloyd Costa

A 30-year-old Ceres man was arrested for stealing a bicycle Friday afternoon, Oct. 18.

At 2:50 p.m., police stopped Lloyd Costa and a second man who fled prior to the officer contacting him at the intersection of Darby Lane and Richland Avenue.

Officer Mathew Myers was suspicious about Costa having two bicycles, one a red and black Trek mountain bike. Costa was released because the bike had not been reported stolen at the time.

At 7:06 p.m., Officer Myers was dispatched to the report of a theft of a bike from the second-story apartment at 1301 Richland Avenue. The victim stated the bike was taken sometime during the previous night and evidence showed the bike was pulled over the balcony. Meyers recognized the bike from photos shown him so he renewed his search for Costa.

At approximately 11:48 p.m. a Darby Lane citizen called police to report finding two bicycles in her garage which did not belong to her. The residence is only a few houses from the intersection where Costa had earlier been released. One bike was the red and black Trek.

As Officer Myers was at the residence recovering the stolen bike, Officer Eric Souza radioed that he had Costa at Darby Lane and Richland Avenue in possession of another stolen bicycle. Costa admitted to the thefts and was booked for felony possession of stolen property and probation violation. The bicycles were recovered and returned to their owners.