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Bizarre acting man assaults, threatens to kill officers
Elton Diaz
Elton Diaz

A 42-year-old Ceres man believed to be high on drugs was arrested Tuesday morning, Oct. 6 after he fought officers and threatened to have them killed.

At 9:26 a.m. Ceres Police Officer Adam Hall was on patrol in the 1700 block of Richland Avenue when he passed by a man screaming obscenities. The officer stopped to approach Elton Diaz, 42, of Ceres, to see if he needed help. Diaz was sweating profusely in 75 degree weather and displayed other signs that he was possibly under the influence of drugs. 

Diaz yelled obscenities at Officer Hall, gathered his belongings and began to run off.  As Officer Hall advanced in his direction Diaz grabbed a belt and held it in his hand as if he were going to hit Officer Hall with it. He then walked backwards as he threatened to hit the officer with the belt before he started swinging it.

Diaz began running away but was intercepted Sgt. Jose Berber who issued commands which Diaz eventually followed.  He threw down the belt and was handcuffed after a brief struggle.

He threatened to hire someone to shoot each one the officers in the head.

Diaz faces charges of felony resisting arrest using threats of violence.