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Bizarre behavior, theft land man in jail
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A 27-year-old Modesto man was arrested on Monday evening, Dec. 22 after he allegedly stole merchandise from one store and then walked into another store where he caused a disturbance by wearing a plastic bag over his head.

At 8:49 p.m. Ceres police were called at dd's discounts at 1640 Hatch Road where Joshua Springstead, 27, of Modesto, allegedly stole a remote control car from a customer's shopping cart and knocked over a five-year-old child as he tried to escape with it.

Some men followed Springstead to Cost Less Foods to the west where he entered and placed a bag on over his head.

As Sgt. Trenton Johnson arrived to interview witnesses, Springstead came back to dd's, running toward Sgt. Johnson still wearing a plastic shopping bag on his head. Three men were chasing after him. Springstead ditched into the Subway where he was tackled and fought Sgt. Johnson and the other men. Springstead was handcuffed and had to be carried out of the sandwich shop. He was reportedly uncooperative with police and had to be forced onto a medical gurney to be transported to a local hospital.

After being medically cleared, Springstead told police that he used heroin and tried bath salts. He said he was being disruptive because he was dared by a friend to do so.

Springstead was charged with resisting arrest and being under the influence of a narcotic.