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Boothe Road resident threatened by hatchet wielding pedestrian
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Police say that a Ceres resident allegedly threatened to cut a homeowner on his walking route with a hatchet two days before Christmas.

A 26-year-old resident of the 2000 block of Boothe Road was working on a car in front of his house at 10:26 p.m. when Rudolfo Gaona, 43, of Ceres, walked up to him and mumbled "F--- you, white boy." The comment prompted a heated discussion between the two when Gaona reached behind his back. The victim knew Gaona to carry weapons. Gaona threatened to cut the victim with a hatchet. The victim armed himself with a pipe before Gaona swung with his right arm holding an unknown object.

Gaona allegedly threatened the victim with: "I'm coming back when you're asleep to get you."

The victim ran inside the house to get his 24-year-old brother. Both went outside to confront Gaona who was now walking down the street. They ordered Gaona to drop the hatchet and he complied. He then took off running and was tackled by the brothers and a third man who came to their aid to restrain him. When police arrived Gaona was being pinned down by the three men.

Because Gaona made irrational statements, officers believed that he was under the influence of drugs. Gaona was booked for making terrorist threats.