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Boyfriend charged in battery
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Andrew Rowe, 24, of Ceres, was arrested for domestic violence when he allegedly smashed his girlfriend's face into the dashboard during a Wednesday argument.

Officer Bryan Ferreira was getting coffee at the Chevron mini-mart at Service and Mitchell at 12:47 a.m. when he saw a white 2000 Honda pull in and stop on the north side of the store. He heard a male and female arguing in the car with the woman starting to scream. He approached the car and found the woman bleeding from the mouth.

Rowe and the woman were dating and had visited a friend in Modesto when they began arguing. On the way home down Highway 99 it escalated. Rowe allegedly shoved her head into the dashboard, splitting her lip.

Rowe went to jail on charges of domestic violence while the woman was taken to a friend's house.