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Burglar alarm leads to pursuit into Hughson, arrest
Jonathan Carpenter.jpg
Jonathan Carpenter

A 25-year-old Hughson man was arrested Sunday evening after leading officers on a high-speed chase from the scene of a Ceres residential burglar alarm to Hughson.

The incident involving Jonathan Carpenter started at 5 p.m. when Ceres Police were dispatched to the 3400 block of Suffolk Drive for the residential alarm. Officers Krandall Vandagriff and Jon Vera responded along with Sgt. Travis Hudson. As Officer Vandagriff rolled up to the scene he saw a white Chrysler 300, parked across the street from the residence, quickly drive off.

Vandagriff followed the driver and noticed it was accelerating rapidly and failed to stop at a stop sign. When Officer Vandagriff activated his lights and siren, Carpenter fled down residential streets before heading eastbound on Hatch Road from Boothe Road. The pursuit ended when Officer Vandagriff briefly lost sight of the vehicle in the area of 7th Street and Fox Road in Hughson.

Helpful citizens pointed Officer Vandagriff in the direction of the suspect and he was able to locate the Chrysler parked in the 1800 block of White Birch Drive. Witnesses saw the occupants of the vehicle go inside a residence which they pointed out to officers. Officers surrounded this house and began making announcements over their PA for the occupants to come outside.

Officer Vera saw Carpenter leave the back of the residence and begin jumping back yard fences. The Stanislaus County Sheriff Department helicopter crew was able to locate Carpenter and guided Officer Vera to bushes in a nearby yard where Carpenter was hiding. When he refused to come out a Sheriff’s Department K-9 was released to get him to come out.

Carpenter was booked for evading a police officer and resisting arrest.