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Burglar caught in the act on Douglas Drive

A man with a history of drug possession and burglary was caught red-handed as he hauled an Xbox and air compressor out of a home on Tuesday, April 28.

At 1:56 a.m. police received a call about a possible burglary in progress in the 2400 block of Douglas Drive. Tenants were in the process of moving out but were not home at the time. A neighbor reported seeing a vehicle pull up to the house and a man slip inside. Police arrived and caught John Brown, 51, of Ceres, walking out the door with a wheelbarrow full of property.

"He's one of our regulars," said Ceres Police Department spokesman Lt. Chris Perry.

Brown had a warrant for his arrest for a narcotics and possession of burglary tools charges. He was also booked for burglary and probation violation.